My professional life as a software developer so far included various different technologies, companies, challenges as well as aspect of several different roles. Yet, my next project will have quite a different twist: This June to October, I’ll have the honour to bring up a new generation of ThoughtWorkers as a trainer at ThoughtWorks University in Pune, India.

TWU, for short, is ThoughtWork’s global graduate development program. 6 times per year, trainees and trainers from all of our regions come together for a 5-week long immersive learning experience. In Pune, an immersive learning experience equips colleagues who are just diving into the world of IT with the practises, principles and values that will make them successful as a ThoughtWorker.

Learning is in inseparable part of work in a fast-changing field like technology, and the fact that I’m always learning is one of the things I like most in my profession. In addition to that, passing knowledge to peers became an increasing part of my job lately in different ways: As a developer who also happens to be a consultant, making our practises available to others is an integral to daily work. Finally, becoming a sponsor in our internal mentoring programme is a great combination of both, as both mentor and mentee get to reflect and grow within a healthy mentoring relationship.

I’ve also had the honour of coaching two great teams of Rails Girls Summer of Code in 2014 and 2015. While RGSoC is highly catered towards each individual pair of learners, TWU will be more structured - which has both advantages and disadvantages. Yet, both programmes share the principles of adult learning that is hands-on and self-directed.

If you’re interested in life at ThoughtWorks university, I hope to keep you updated within the next months on this blog. In the past, Mark, Sumeet and Ramesh have written extensively about various aspects of training at TWU. For a trainee perspective, refer to Tsatsis excellent experience report.

Lastly, Chris shot these beautiful impressions while in Pune:

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